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OCTournament Part 1: Allia vs Okami [Fullview Pls]
Entry for :iconnarutofanclub:'s OC Tournament.

Although Akatsuki as an organisation was all but disbanded following the end of the Moon's Eye plan, there were some that still believed in it's goals.

The deaths or disappearances of most of Pain's Akatsuki was of great pain to Okami, and many years after the Shinobi War, she decided to reattempt its original plan; to capture the Tailed Beasts.

To this end, she kidnapped Himawari in order to bait Naruto away from the village, and extract Kurama from him. However, Naruto was called away to a regular meeting of the Five Kages, so Allia volunteered to take the rescue mission in his stead. Upon arriving at the entrance to the old Akatsuki hideout, Okami confronted Allia, expecting Naruto. Enraged, she charges in to attack.

Software: Clip Studio Paint.
NextGenInfoCard - Allia Sugiyama
Late entry card for :iconnarutofanclub:'s OC tournament.

Name: Allia Sugiyama
Age: 13-14 [Pre-Shippuden], 17-18 [Post-Shippuden], 33
Species: Non-human
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Asexual
Blood Type: A
Birthday: August 19th
Personality: Polite, tomboyish, doesn't like to be left out of things, stubborn
Good Trait(s): Generous, determined, dependable
Bad Trait(s): Can be extremely subborn, sometimes can be selfish if she decides something's not in her interests
Like(s): Reading, training with teammates, travelling
Dislike(s): Unfairness, rudeness
Hobby(ies): Reading
Fear(s): Bugs, especially bugs with wings
Personal Quote: 'I try to remain optimistic, but things often don't work out the way we hope they will.'


As of the Boruto timeline, Allia has become an instructor at the Ninja Academy, after inventing a new jutsu style, referred to as the 'Prismatic Release'.


Allia Sugiyama's genetic family died during the Kyuubi's attack on Konoha, and was subsequently adopted by the Sugiyama family, who were good friends of her parents. Allia had a relatively normal upbringing in the Sugiyama household, got on well with her three older adoptive brothers and eventually enrolled at the Ninja Academy. Ninjutsu and Genjutsu proved to be utterly beyond her, and led her to befriend fellow classmate Rock Lee, who had similar difficulties. She graduated alongside him, and was assigned to their team as an 'honorary member', only participating in a handful of their overall mission count, until receiving word that she was to leave Konoha to receive training elsewhere.

Outside of Konoha, she became apprenticed to a travelling hybrid named Elward Iuturna, a member of a guild of ambassadors who act as neutral representatives in negotiations between the ninja countries and the hybrid settlements [as historically, there have been great tensions between the races]. On a mission with Elward, she mistakenly gains god-like powers relating to energy generation, with some restrictions, [see here:… ] and as a result, becomes enemy to the powerful hybrid Arcus Clan.

Some time later, she forms a three-member team with two other hybrids and returns to Konoha to participate in the Chunin Exams. Over the course of the exams, she has a brief reunion with Lee's team in the 2nd stage of the exam. In the 3rd stage,  she battles Cyra Arcus, embittered heiress to the Arcus Clan, who is revealed to have made a contract with a corrupted spirit in the pursuit of power. The match resulted in a draw and neither were promoted. As a result of the injuries sustained from this match, Allia spent most, if not all, of the Suna invasion unconscious in a medical bay.

After the Suna invasion, she often travelled with Elward and fellow apprentice Makoto in order to maintain diplomatic relations between Sunagakure and Konohagakure whilst the latter village rebuilt and the former recovered from Orochimaru's involvement in its' affairs. During these travels they also tried to discover a way to remove the godstone she had absorbed and return to normal, but with no success. Later, they gave up, and instead focused on learning as much as possible about the responsibilities that go with being its bearer and the abilities that it grants in return. She discovers that she can 'fly' while in the transformed state, and on the night prior to Lee's operation, takes him on a flight to cheer him up.

Between Tsunade's arrival and Sasuke/Naruto's departure, Allia would be assigned missions on equal footing with other the other genin. She briefly participated in the Sasuke Retrieval mission as a delay to allow the Suna trio to catch up, and later assisted with various missions attempting to locate Orochimaru's hideouts. After Naruto left to train with Jiraiya, Allia remained in Konoha to resume her taijutsu training with Guy and Lee's team. She retakes the Chunin Exams a year later and is successfully promoted. Allia also makes use of her ability to constantly generate aura combined with acrobatics learned from Tenten to invent a flashy but wasteful and ultimately pointless [for a shinobi] technique that she dubs 'Danmaku no Jutsu', a technique that involves firing a vast number of bolts of aura in every direction, justified by the idea that "at least one of them will hit its mark. In theory."

As Akatsuki becomes more active, Allia and Elward are summoned to the hybrid capital to discuss the organisation's actions and determine how to respond. While there, Allia is attacked a number of times by differing members of the Arcus clan seeking to claim the godstone on Cyra's behalf. In addition, she learns that her teammate Makoto was also selected to ascend to a godhood role.

During Pain's attack on Konoha, Allia provided support to the medical teams after discovering that she could produce a specific kind of aura that could be absorbed by anyone and converted into differing individual energy signatures. Using Pain's chakra receivers as an inspiration, and with Makoto and Elward's help, they start developing a wristwatch-like device that can receive this aura frequency from longer distances and convert it into a frequency that matches that of the wearer. When word gets out about Madara's supposed return and declaration of war; Elward, Allia and Makoto bring a prototype to Hokage and receive permission to mass-produce it for the Shinobi Alliance.

Over the course of the 4th Shinobi War, Allia again took a predominantly supportive role. Using Makoto's short range portals, she could travel to different regions of the battle quickly and transmit large amounts of unspecialised aura to the combatants whenever they were low on chakra. Some time after the Juubi's revival, Allia is confronted once again by Cyra who, using an especially tough sword, stabs Allia through the stone and triggers a botched ascension. Lee, who was nearby, removes the sword and, by declaring his faith in Allia's mandate [as granted by the stone], enables the ascension to complete correctly.

Post-ascension, Allia recovers her transmission device and uses it to broadcast a more potent form of unspecialised aura, intended to counteract the chakra absorbing properties of the Juubi's flower thing. When Madara casts the Infinite Tsukuyomi on the moon, she, along with a few others, devise a plan to dispel the jutsu by destroying the moon, but ultimately get caught under the genjutsu anyway.

After the war's conclusion, she travels the land again alongside Makoto, hoping to calm the tensions that have arisen in hybrid communities over the Infinite Tsukuyomi and heightened distrust of shinobi. In addition, they hope to discover the whereabouts of their teacher Elward, who disappeared at some point during the war.
Design Your Own Ninja contest: Allia Sugiyama
My entry for :iconnarutofanclub:'s winter contest.

Low quality version to meet the deadline as my Laptop was struggling to upload the full size.

Name: Allia Sugiyama
Rank: Jounin [prior to the events of Boruto, but after the events of The Last]
Affiliation: Leaf Village

After ascending, Allia tends to favour ranged combat over the taijutsu oriented styles she'd trained in for years. This is largely due to the fact that, although she can't be killed until her 'period of service' is completed, sufficient damage will essentially atomise her physical form for a period of time relative to the damage taken.

Her ranged attacks take the form of either yellow spears or arrows, depending on whether she is carrying a bow or not.

Defensive abilities include barrier techniques, healing and rapid regeneration.

As a 'god' tiered entity, she can 'bless' other individuals for a variety of effects centred around energy, such as the vague 'improved determination/motivation' or a more literal 'will not tire out in battle'. She is not permitted to use her abilities for purposes considered immoral or evil; doing so will cause her to be stripped of her status, and (depending on severity of her actions and how harshly she is judged) her soul to be destroyed.


[for timelines prior to Boruto, please see previous iterations of this character's profile, although some things are no longer accurate.]

During the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Allia was part of a research team comprised of humans and non humans that aimed to devise a counter plan to Madara's Tsukuyomi. While the war itself took place, this team constructed a massive sealing jutsu that was to be launched directly at the Moon itself, by way of a huge number of people all casting the seal simultaneously, owing to the truly vast amount of chakra required to power it.

When the Juubi destroyed much of this research team's base with its long range bijuudama, Allia and a few others escaped with the written version of this technique, and she was instructed to catch up with her teammate Makoto. While Guy fought Madara alone, Makoto broke Allia's godstone, which enabled her to ascend. The new power this granted allowed Allia to cast the seal technique directly at the Moon without any assistance, although it ultimately proved ineffective against Madara's Tsukuyomi.

Almost immediately after carrying out this plan to make the Moon's surface impervious to genjutsu, she was warped away to another dimension where she would be formally recognised as the new God of Energy, but requested the process be postponed a few years because she felt unready. She returned to the battlefield a short time after Kaguya's defeat, and finds that her teacher, Elward, has vanished, and thus has to take his place on the neutral, cross-race Council as a diplomat/negotiator.

After playing an important role in negotiating the new peace arrangements between the five Shinobi Nations after the war, Allia completes her ascension. From this point onwards, a number of the more important non human factions also manage to unite and elect Allia as their representative in cross race political meetings. [Rank-wise, this is equivalent to Hokage, in terms of management/administration, but is not recognised internally as a position of leadership outside of summits, etc]
It'd be really great if stuff I submit would get feedback rather than only that poor quality stock I made six years ago :/
Wanderer of Three Dimensions
Another art of my OC Makoto, this time trying a different visualisation of his powers.
...You want to do a Skyrim cosplay for Expo, but you don't know what to pick.

I don't want to do either Serana, Aela, Cicero, the Dragonborn or Dark Brotherhood.
Considering Talvas Fathryon, but he probably isn't easily recognised as a character rather than just 'Dunmer Adept Mage Player Character'.
Nightingale Armour would be cool, but also a pain to make.

Anyone got ideas?
  • Listening to: TESV: Skyrim OST
  • Reading: Twig Web Serial
  • Playing: Skyrim/League of Legends
  • Drinking: Coffee


Allia Andromeda
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Tumblr: [personal blog] [art blog]

My real life friends :


Current Residence: Hidden Leaf Village
Favourite genre of music: Soundtrack
Favourite photographer: ...
Favourite style of art: Manga/Anime
Operating System: Mac
MP3 player of choice: iPod nano
Shell of choice: ...
Wallpaper of choice: Something with space in it.
Skin of choice: ...
Favourite cartoon character: Rock Lee, Minato Namikaze,
Personal Quote: It's not bribery, it's Equivalent Exchange.

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